The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops and Boxcutter


The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops and Boxcutter is an in-depth and easy-to-understand series of tutorials showcasing each tool, and WHEN and HOW to use it.

The course is split into 2 parts.

Part 1

Videos are broken down into short and sweet segments, and most are only a couple minutes long. There are 47 total videos showcasing each tool, and after watching these you shouldn’t struggle with the tools any longer. We both know the struggle of learning these tools, so we made this course so you don’t have to.

Part 2

In Part 2 You will learn how to model a SciFi off roader from scratch, using most of the tools we discussed in the first section.

There is over 10 hours of video content. This course could easily be completed in a day, but we’d recommend you space it out to avoid burn out. These tools are essential to understand.

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