The art of Adjustments with AdjustMAX


Master Options Adjustment techniques

Singles, Spreads and Complex Options

Adjustments for winners and losers

Join the AdjustMAX Class

Adjustments is the key to success with Options
Taking a trade is only half the job
Every trade requires adjustments, winners and losers
Take a systematic 3-tiered approach to Adjustments
Learn to spot the best adjustment for a situation
Analyze the Greeks for impact of your adjustments

The AdjustMAX Course

  • Learn the philosophy behind Options adjustments
  • Step-by-Step approach to mastering art of adjustments
  • When and how to “Roll” your trades
  • Compare different adjustments and pick the best one
  • How to use Risk Graph analysis to simulate adjustments
  • Adjust to maximize winners and neutralize losers
  • Adjustment settings for Indices and Stocks / ETFs
  • Learn to avoid panic situations and making errors
  • Live Trades on Long Calls and Long Puts
  • Live trades on Credit and Debit spreads
  • Live trades on Calendars, and Iron Condors

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone trading Options


  • Intermediate level of Options including Spreads

Last Updated 12/2019

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