REST API Testing with Karate Framework


Karate is an open-source general-purpose test-automation framework that can script calls to HTTP end-points and assert that the JSON or XML responses are as expected. Karate is implemented in Java but test-scripts are written in Gherkin since Karate was originally an extension of the Cucumber framework.

Karate is built on top of Cucumber, another BDD testing framework, and shares some of the same concepts. One of these is the use of a Gherkin file, which describes the tested feature. However, unlike Cucumber, tests aren’t written in Java and are fully described in the Gherkin file.

From this course, you will learn the following concepts.

Web Service Introduction

  • What is the REST service?
  • What are Requests and Responses?
  • CRUD operations
  • Request and Response format
  • Live example of API calls

Karate Framework

  • Data-Driven with Scenario Outline
  • Dynamic Scenario Outline
  • Creating Parallel runner


  • Using match
  • JSON Array matching
  • Schema validation
  • Fussy matcher
  • JSON Path


  • Tags and Run with tags
  • How to ignore a scenario
  • Getting a tag and feature file from the system property

Report Generation

  • Cucumber Report Generation
  • Karate Report Generation


  • HardCoded credentials & Token based
  • Using the Java Script file

CI/CD – Jenkins

  • Jenkins Pipeline Concept
  • Jenkins Multibranch pipeline

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for both Developers and testers
  • Manual/Automation test engineers who want to learn API automation
  • Best for developers and testers who are planning to build automation framework
  • Test Engineer who wants to implement the Karate framework for API automation


  • Basic understanding of JAVA language and OOPS concept such as Class, Object, Interface etc.
  • Basic understanding of Eclipse IDE
  • Basic understanding of Post Man Client
  • Basic understanding of Windows OS
  • Basic understanding of Java Script will be an additional advantage

Last Updated 2/2021

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