Pure Mathematics for Beginners


Pure Mathematics for Beginners consists of a series of lessons in Logic, Set Theory, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Real Analysis, Topology, Complex Analysis, and Linear Algebra. The eight lessons in this course cover basic material from each of these eight topics. In addition, all the proofwriting skills that are essential for advanced study in mathematics are covered and reviewed extensively. Pure Mathematics for Beginners is perfect for

  • an introductory college course in higher mathematics.
  • high school teachers working with advanced math students.
  • high school and college students wishing to see the type of mathematics they would be exposed to as a math major.

The material in this pure math course includes:

  • 8 lessons in 8 subject areas.
  • A friendly but rigorous treatment of all the mathematics covered.
  • Additional analyses before and after proofs to help students gain a deep understanding of the subject matter with the minimum amount of effort.
  • A problem set after each lesson containing problems arranged by difficulty level.

Who this course is for:

  • College students taking an introductory course in higher mathematics
  • Students who want to begin learning theoretical mathematics
  • Students who want to increase their level of mathematical maturity


  • No prerequisites

Last Updated 12/2020

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