Practical C# From scratch for junior .NET developers


The course presents the most important issues of the C# language that are necessary to create web, mobile or desktop applications on the .NET platform.

With an organized theory of the C# language and practical tasks, the course is ideal for learning C# for people who are just starting their adventure with programming.

The course will familiarize you with the .NET Core platform, which is the latest tool from Microsoft for creating cross-platform applications, including web and web APIs.

Due to its high efficiency, open-source code, and the possibility of implementation on various systems, it is becoming more and more popular.

During the course, you will learn, among other things:

– use C# language to create console applications

– create your own classes and use built-in types

– control program flow using conditional statements and loops

– use collections in programs to store and manipulate data

Who this course is for:

  • A person who learns programming from scratch or knows the basics


  • Basic knowledge of Visual Studio

Last Updated 11/2020

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