Managing Oracle Cloud Autonomous Databases


Even Autonomous Databases need specialists to work on it. Be one of them and unlock the power of Oracle Autonomous Databases.

Do not worry if you have never used Oracle cloud before. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) fundamentals are covered by the course.

The course takes you step by step to gain the solid knowledge and the practical experience on managing Oracle autonomous like professionals.

By the end of this course, you should have the following skills:

  • Provision autonomous databases in shared Exadata infrastructure in Oracle cloud
  • Move data into or from autonomous database
  • Execute all the autonomous database administration tasks: connectivity, backup and recovery, sending mail, cloning, enabling Autonomous Data Guard, and configuring autonomous databases on private endpoints

Content and Overview
Information presented in this course provides the IT professionals the knowledge and experience to utilize Oracle autonomous database capabilities.

After every concepts lecture, you will implement practical exercises. To guide you on implementing the practices, the practice lectures are supported by video-based demonstrations and the downloadable guide documents.

Starting with introducing cloud computing, this course will take you all the away from creating autonomous database up to to configuring them on private endpoints.

This course will cover all the topics that are included in using Oracle autonomous databases, such as the following:

  • Provisioning autonomous databases
  • Configuring connectivity
  • Moving data to and from autonomous databases
  • Cloning
  • Backup and recovery
  • Enabling autonomous data guard
  • Managing directories
  • Sending mail
  • Configuring alerts and notifications

You will build up a practice environment that resemble real life systems and demonstrate with hands-on experience all autonomous database features.

Do not miss this opportunity to be a specialist on the most amazing database released by Oracle ever!

Who this course is for:

  • IT professionals
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Oracle Developers


  • PC with Windows 10 and 40 GB free disk space.
  • To sign up for Oracle public cloud, you need a valid credit/debit card.

Last Updated 1/2021

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