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Logo Design 10 Tips & Tricks for Adobe Illustrator CC

Have you ever spent a long time using a certain design technique without questioning it – then one day realized you could have achieved the same result in a fraction of the time using a different method?

Or come across a tip that’s opened your eyes to a whole new range of possibilities?

I think we’ve all had those moments… And that’s why as designers we love tips. We collect them over time, and it seems there’s always an easier, better, faster way to do something.

Well I’ve created this class to share my top 10 tips for logo design, using adobe Illustrator CC. I hope you’ll find these as helpful – and essential – as I have!

Here’s a quick overview of the tips I’ve included in this class;

  • The Shape Builder tool
  • Rotate to create
  • Start with fonts
  • Balancing hacks
  • Snap to grid
  • Contrast for the win
  • Recolor Artwork
  • Pathfinder
  • Gradient tips
  • Outline and customize type

If I add up the combined time all the tips save me on a daily basis, over the course of a year – it’s not hours, it’s weeks of time this helps me save. So if you’re ready to trade an hour or so watching the class for a few extra weeks this year, then hit play on the next lesson!

And actually, before you do… I’ve also created a range of other useful classes on brand identity and logo design, with more coming in future – so don’t forget to follow my profile. Enjoy the class, please post any questions or comments.

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