Learn to Create App Icon and Basics of UI-UX


In this course, you will learn to UI-UX design and create beautiful mobile app icons for your applications using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe XD. This course will be your gateway to learn UI and UX design with a step-by-step approach. We can assure you that only this course will be enough for you to learn UI and UX design.

We’ll be moving rapidly to give you the quickest, yet most thorough design building experience. Our course consists of four main parts. In the first part, we will learn the concepts of UI and UX in detail. We will create our Creative Cloud membership. Finally, we will install the programs required for UI-UX design. In the second part, we will make icons for Android and IOS applications using the Adobe Illustrator program.
Later, we will also create an icon using the Adobe Photoshop program. In addition, we will design the UI-UX of the online sales application. Finally, we will learn about the Adobe XD program in detail. We will design the UI-UX of the weather application. We will also learn to share our designs with our teammates or developers. In addition to these, we will create the prototype of our designs. In short, we will teach you UI-UX design in a fun way and in a short time without tiring you.

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