IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Essential Training


Get started with IntelliJ IDEA, one of the most popular IDEs for programming with Java and other Java virtual machine (JVM) languages. In this course, David Gassner explains how to install the Java Development Kit (JDK), configure IntelliJ IDEA, and create new projects. He also shows how to import existing projects from Eclipse and other IDEs, walks through the IntelliJ IDEA user interface, and demonstrates the powerful code generation and debugging tools. Plus, he explains how to work with Git and GitHub to manage your source code, and how to program with other popular JVM languages such as Groovy and Scala.Topics include:

  • Exploring IntelliJ IDEA editions
  • Installing IntelliJ IDEA on macOS and Windows
  • Configuring IntelliJ IDEA
  • Creating new projects
  • Importing an Eclipse project
  • Exploring the user interface
  • Editing and debugging code
  • Building, compiling, and packaging Java projects
  • Managing multiple branches with Git
  • Programming with Groovy, Scala, and Kotlin

Released 4/19/2017

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