Information Management: Document Security


Learn how to balance the need for cloud-based collaboration with document security best practices. In this course, Phil Gold explores how to structure an enterprise content management solution that ensures that documents are both collaborative and safe. Phil begins by reviewing basic server and security concepts, including different server structures, multilevel authentication layers, and data retention policies. He then discusses how to set security levels that don’t negatively impact productivity, provide access for remote employees, and manage permissions. To wrap up, he shares best practices that can empower users to keep their documents secure.Topics include:

  • Identify the group of people to be notified when making a document policy or procedure change.
  • Recognize which types of documentation requires higher levels of security.
  • Name the two rights available at folder level during collaboration.
  • Recall the purpose of version control.
  • Determine which application allows multiple libraries with custom permissions.
  • Identify the term used for add-ins within the SharePoint application.
  • Explain the most common cause of data breaches.

Released 2/1/2021

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