Hands-On IoT on GCP


Understand hardware purpose, writing software to control hardware, configuring devices to securely send data captured to GCP.

The marriage of physical and digital technology, such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and the internet of things (IoT), allows for the creation of digital enterprise data collected from physical systems used to drive intelligent action back in the physical world.

In this course, ‘Hands-On IoT on GCP’ we start by understanding hardware purpose, progress to writing software to control the hardware, and finally configuring the devices to securely send data captured to Google Cloud Platform.

Why start at the hardware level? Because when using Google Cloud IoT, the Core is mainly about capturing the data from the physical object.

Chapter 2 explores electricity, resistance, and ohms, the basics of using electricity to power sensors, motors, collectors, and store that information.

Chapter 3 explores development boards and their difference and capabilities, along with common sensors used to get started.

Chapter 4 explores programming the devices with firmware or immutable instructions that run while the device has power.

Chapter 5 teaches how to connect our IoT devices to the Google Cloud Platform to store our collected information in a centralized repository.

In Chapter 6, we begin to explore the data collected in order to use a data-driven proactive approach to business solutions.

Finally, we review a few architectures and ideas to kick off your next project.

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