Hands on ASP.NET Core 3.1 production grade API Development


ASP.NET core 3.1 is a fantastic framework to developed rest API. but most of the course teach you only basic part, when they enter practical life or job life when they see various technology needed to developed a production grade application . Then they frustrated to think that what they teach.

In this course I try my best to teach my student a production grade application and developed their basement . All the latest technology i try to implement this course.

After completing this course every developer make them ninja in software development.

I always told people programming is nothing cause every problem you solved using condition , loop using variable. but main theme part of a good programmer is understand the  architecture and  life cycle of software. Scaling, single responsibility when u understand then you can easily develop production grade application

Who this course is for:

  • asp .net core lover
  • Microsoft lover
  • rest api developer
  • beginners
  • advance
  • .net developer
  • asp net core


  • c#
  • basic web programming knowledge

Last Updated 2/2021

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