Hack into SAS Clinical Trials Programming Certification


This course aims to largely shorten your time (and save money) for preparing the clinical programming certification exam when you possess SAS Base and some advanced programming techniques and experience. It includes the following:

  1. Introduction to the exam: an exhaustive list of exam contents, books, references and registration (pricing, length, no. of questions, format, etc.)
  2. A road map for SAS programmer to Clinical programming (with the focus of theory of clinical trial and industrial regulations and standards)
  3. Clinical programming with coding examples in SAS
  4. A mock exam on the classic questions

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. In my early days of job seeking, I was certified as a Clinical Trial Programmer Using SAS 9 and it really helped me. Getting the clinical programming certificate is the first and the most important step towards a clinical programmer. It will surely help you get a higher response rate for your job application. More importantly, it helps you understand many important concepts and the application of SAS programming skills in a clinical context that are often questioned during job interviews.

I am sure you would enjoy this crash course with the aim of shortening your preparation time and boost the success rate. Let’s hack into the clinical programming certification and be prepared for the certification exam!

Who this course is for:

  • SAS programmer who wants to quickly pass the certification exam
  • SAS enthusiast who prepares him/herself well but wants to collect the last piece of the puzzle for the certification exam
  • Any SAS programmer who wants to start a career as a clinical programmer specialist


  • You know SAS base techniques, e.g. data set merge, concatenation, functions, IF/THEN ELSE, etc.
  • You know some SAS advanced techniques, e.g. PROC SQL, Transpose, macro, etc.
  • Preferably you know some clinical trial knowledge and the industrial standards from CDISC

Last Updated 1/2021

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