End to End Test Automation with Playwright (JS/TS/C#/Java)


In this course End to End Test Automation with Playwright, we will learn Playwright from the complete ground up to more advanced concepts which anyone requires to automate their Modern/Legacy web applications in a modern way!

As we all know Playwright enables fast, reliable, and capable automation across all modern browsers and support running different platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux, and its related containers, it’s super easy to automate applications with Playwright in various popular language bindings such as Javascript, Typescript, Java, C#, Go, Python!

In this course, we will discuss

  • Introduction to Playwright (JS)
  • Understanding basic building blocks of Playwright (JS)
  • Basic UI operations with Playwright (JS)
  • Playwright Test Runner  and Folio (TS)
  • Modern Playwright feature for Modern app testing (JS)
  • Hands-On Labs ?
  • Framework designs with Playwright (JS)
  • Playwright with C# language binding
  • Playwright with Java Language binding
  • Playwright framework development with TS/Java/C# language binding

At the end of this course, one will learn the complete Nuts and bolts of Playwright and get going to harness the power of Playwright in their day to day automation at work !

Join the first-ever detailed course on the internet on Playwright!

Who this course is for:

  • QA
  • BA
  • Test Automation engineer
  • Developer


  • Basic understanding of JS/C#/Java/TS is a plus
  • Basic understanding of other testing tools like Selenium is a plus

Last Updated 1/2021

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