Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering


Welcome To Our Course “Complete Electric Circuits Course For Electrical Engineering”

This course is designed for absolute beginners who have zero knowledge about electric circuits, I start from zero until you understand all the fundamentals with hundreds of examples !!

What are we going to learn from this course?

✔️ Fundamentals of electric DC circuits

✔️ SI units or international Units

✔️​ Definition of the electric charge

✔️​ Definition of the electric current

✔️​ Definition of the electric voltage

✔️​ Definition of the electric power

✔️​ Definition of the electric energy

✔️​ Difference between dependent and independent sources

✔️​ Applications of DC Circuits

✔️​ Know the principle of TV picture tube or CRT

✔️​ Know about the electricity bills calculations

✔️​ Basic laws of Electricity

✔️​ Understand Ohm’s law

✔️​ Difference between an Open Circuit and Short Circuit

✔️​ Difference between Fixed and Variable Resistance

✔️​ Definition of Conductance

✔️​ Know difference between series and parallel connection

✔️​ Definition of the Nodes, Branches and loops in Electric circuit

✔️​ Definition of the Kirchhoff’s laws

✔️​ Definition of Kirchhoff current law

✔️​ Definition of Kirchhoff voltage law

✔️​ Series resistor and voltage division

✔️​ Know parallel resistor and current division

✔️​ Wye-Delta transformations and vice-versa

✔️​ Understand Applications as Lightning Systems

✔️​ Understand Nodal analysis no voltage source

✔️​ Understand Nodal analysis with voltage sources

✔️​ Understand the supernode

✔️​ Understand Mesh analysis no current Source

✔️​ Understand Mesh analysis with current Sources

✔️​ Understand the supermesh.

✔️​ Compare between Nodal and Mesh analysis

✔️​ Understand applications as DC transistor circuits

✔️​ Understand the meaning of the linearity property

✔️​ Use the Superposition theorem

✔️​ Understand Thevenin’s theorem

✔️​ Understand Norton’s theorem

✔️​ Maximum power transfer

✔️​ Understand the source transformation

✔️​ Understand application as resistance measurement

✔️​ Understand the various types of operational amplifiers

✔️​ Understand ideal op amp, inverting amplifier , non inverting amplifier

✔️​ Understand summing op amp circuit

✔️​ Understand difference op amp circuit

✔️​ Understand cascaded op amp circuit

✔️​ Know the applications of op amp like Digital-to-Analog converter

✔️​ Know the applications of op amp like instrumentation amplifiers

✔️​ Know what is a capacitor

✔️​ Understand how to simplify series capacitors

✔️​ Understand how to simplify parallel capacitors

✔️​ Know what is an inductor

✔️​ Understand practical capacitors and practical inductors

✔️​ Understand how to simplify series inductors

​✔️​ Understand how to simplify parallel inductors

✔️​ Know how to get energy stored in capacitor

✔️​ Know how to get energy stored in inductor

✔️​ know the applications of capacitors and inductor as integrator

✔️​ know the applications of capacitors and inductor as differentiator.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants knowledge about electric circuits or engineers
  • Anyone who is interested in Knowing the Main concepts of electric circuits
  • Anyone who is student and wants to learn about DC Circuits easily


  • No prior Knowledge about electric circuits
  • Passion for Learning and Never Giving up

Last Updated 9/2020

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