Advanced Pandas

Advanced Pandas


If you’ve worked in Python, you’re likely familiar with the basic of pandas. In this advanced course, instructor Brett Vanderblock shares how you can take advantage of the advanced functions of pandas—such as working with dates, dealing with missing data, merging DataFrames, and more—to work more effectively with your data. First, Brett introduces you to DataFrames, identifies the top functions in pandas, and shows you how to configure your pandas workspace efficiently. He walks you through converting data types, working with strings, and using the apply map and applymap functions effectively. He shows you how to combine Groupby and multiple aggregate functions in pandas and how to use the merge, join, and concat functions. Brett steps through plotting and statistical functions with pandas. He concludes by explaining how you can use pandas-profiling and Geopandas to get the most out of your functions and data.

Released 2/1/2021

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