Adjusting Puppet Behaviors in Character Animator


In a previous class, we set up a puppet with Adobe Character Animator to prepare for advanced rigging and animation. It’s recommended you view that class first, which you can do by clicking here!

In this class, we will be taking the rig we already set up and add advanced behaviors such as:

  • Modifying universal and layer specific behaviors
  • Setting up head turns
  • Adding breathe and jaw handles
  • Working with multiple puppets
  • Creating an automatic walk cycle
  • Auto lip syncing with external files
  • And much more! 

This class comes with project files to help you every step of the way

By the time you’re done, you should be able to configure your rig further, create animations and share them with the world!

Download Links

Direct Download

Adjusting Puppet Behaviors in Character (847.1 MB) | Mirror

Torrent Download

Adjusting Puppet Behaviors in Character Animator.torrent (34 KB) | Mirror

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